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School Refinery paves the way for teachers and schools to reach their full potential.

Through school improvement consulting, School Refinery helps you become more responsive to each child’s needs. In utilising a learner-centered approach to educating students, teachers can appropriately respond to and resolve challenges that arise in the classroom. Students feel heard and safe, learning is maximised and school staff members are treated with dignity — your school thrives!
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Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Schools
Boosting Respect Between Teachers & Learners

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How School Refinery Can Help You

Teachers are equipped with the necessary soft skills, through workshops and courses, that result in teaching staff, and the school as a whole, embodying key values such as respect, empathy, cooperation, and verbal and non-verbal skills when interacting with learners, parents and fellow colleagues.
Professional Teacher Development
School Reform and Improvement
Inclusive Teaching Methods

“A very successful workshop. I enjoyed the group-work and feedback sessions. I wish the parents could be involved somehow.”


“I found this workshop beneficial, it was also fun and interactive. I certainly enjoyed it! I feel that I can now handle matters with parents more professionally.”


“Thank you Shakira, this was very useful to me! I enjoyed the workshop immensely.”


“I really enjoyed this workshop! It has made me more aware of my professional behaviour and how I would need to respond to learners in class.”


“When I initially heard of the 5-hour Ethics workshop, I thought it would be long and boring. How wrong I was! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Would like to attend more of your workshops.”


Meet Shakira Akabor

School Refinery is headed by Shakira Akabor. Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Witwatersrand, Shakira has over 16 years’ experience in education, and is particularly passionate about accommodating students with different learning needs in the classroom.